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About Excel

We Should Be Your Choice

Whether you’re a small business,  a Fortune 500 company,  a non-profit or an independent sales representative, we have the expertise and talent to move you in the right direction. Utilizing our Sandler Sales Strategy we develop an “upfront” contract for everyone of  our connections, thereby moving a warm prospect to your team either in real time or in the scheduling of an appointment. We are a pre-approved vendor for an 87 billion and 32 billion dollar company as well as a start-up that has minimal dollars to invest in new business, but choose us because we get results.

We bring new ideas to reach your target market prospect

Let us show you first hand why we have been successful in this field. With more competition today, your new business effort has to be flawless and persistent. We generate 40 to 70 meetings a month for one of our clients, because we took the time to evaluate and re-evaluate their current sales process making changes and then inputting an “upfront” contract.

We build bridges to your expertise
The qualified meetings we deliver for our clients begin with a project planning document, we then target to: a specific vertical, company size, geographic location and department for the key-decision maker. We build rapport and relationships. All of our employees are talented and seasoned business development representatives as well as researchers, we listen, we take notes and all work out of their private offices.

Reaching the desired outcome
Our lead generation process begins by analyzing data and then taking the correct approach in utilizing this data to achieve optimal results. We are able to drill down into a company and look into specific key-stake holders.  We are able to view who is responsible for each area and how to maximize our contact strategy.  We cross reference our data center and Linked In as well as other tools, to maximize what we know prior to the call.

Excel serves as your new business development engine for business-to-business and business-to-consumer lead generation. We bring broad experience to reach the target prospect through well thought out programs.

24/7 Access to your Account Analytics through our Chicago based Data Center

  • Monitor call answering activity in real-time and pass on a call to you in real time
  • Track call volume by day and month
  • Diagnostic detailed reporting including in-house Salesforce certified
  • Review and measure response times
  • Evaluate call volume by department or profit center

  • Develop cost-effective programs that work
  • Flexible not rigid, we work with as little as 10 hours a month for clients
  • Reporting so you can see actual call traction


Excel Lead operates two offices:

  • Cincinnati
  • Chicago

Our marketing and sales offices are located in Cincinnati. Our data center, list services and analytics are located in Chicago.

Cincinnati office:  513-271-0600

Chicago office:      888-830-5710