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Marketing Automation, Business Development & Fundraising Services



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“63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation”

Influencer Strategy

Communicate specific information to your previously anonymous visitors and influence their reason to become your customers through the marketing automation system.


Target Marketing

Identify previously anonymous visitors and capture detailed information. Automate and optimize your marketing communications based on real-time data from your target market.

Drive Sales

Score leads based on their behavior and get instant sales opportunity alerts for prospects. Automate lead nurturing with behavior-based tracking and visitor data to know when to sell and when to nurture your prospects.

Optimize Spend

Understand full end-to-end ROI and evaluate campaigns with accurate and relevant data – justify marketing spend and optimize every campaign

Marketing automation is way more than sending the business mails to the potential buyers. With the help of marketing automation, you can efficiently manage and optimize every step of sales and marketing to produce outstanding results. Our Business Development services hold the years of expertise in boosting business sales by using the marketing automation.

We provide a customized approach to your company’s Fundraising Development needs. Our goal is to capture the detailed information of anonymous visitors, study their behavioral pattern and send them sales opportunity alerts. Our team use ROI to optimize your marketing spend and maximize the value of business!